• 7 Popular Flooring Types

  • hardwood floorsPicking a type of flooring is not such an easy task. Do remember that you can only get it right once unless you can afford to replace floors several times. There’s a lot of thought that comes into choosing the type of flooring for your home. One factor that most homeowners think of is the cost. Getting a new floor is like an investment. You need to pick a type of flooring that could last you decades without wearing out. Take hardwood floors for example. They last long, look good and are durable. However, hardwood floors tend to be expensive. On the other hand, there are alternatives to choose from. Here are some of the popular flooring types in the market that you can choose from.

    Flooring types that would fit your needs

    1. Hardwood flooring – this is by far, the most recognizable type of flooring around and there’s a good reason why. Hardwood floors have been around for hundreds of years and it’s not going out of style any time soon. It’s still a choice for a lot of homeowners these days. It’s durable and it’s a timeless classic. However, it can be on the pricier end of the list. If you have more than enough cash to spend, you should be looking at premium hardwood floors to get the most value out of your floor.
    1. Laminate floors – as its name suggests, laminate floors are made out of different wood-based materials that are laminated to form one solid piece. Laminate floors are also popular due to their durability and ease of installation. They are also less expensive than hardwood floors.
    1. Bamboo floor – if you’re environmentally conscious but still want a nice floor, bamboo flooring is for you. Unlike hardwood, bamboo isn’t a tree. In fact, bamboo is a type of grass that grows fast which means it’s easy to mass-produce without harming the environment. And of course, it’s a great flooring material.
    1. Cork floor – another example of sustainable flooring is cork floor. Cork is basically the bark of the cork oak tree. One tree can be harvested once every 9 years and the tree must be in good condition to produce good quality cork. As for cork flooring, it is highly durable and has this cushiony feel underfoot. It also absorbs sound and vibration making it perfect if you want a quiet environment.
    1. Tile floors – there are different types of tile floors. Among the most popular are terra cotta, natural stone, and ceramic. Tile floors boast superior durability. However, don’t drop anything hard and heavy on them as they tend to break on impact.
    1. Vinyl floor – if you’re a value-conscious shopper, vinyl flooring is for you. If you think about value for money, vinyl flooring offers durability and style for a fraction of the cost compared to other types of flooring materials. The flooring installation in Myrtle Beach is also easier than other flooring materials.
    1. Concrete floor – if you plan on going minimalistic, concrete is the type of flooring you should get. There are no bells and whistles here, just bare polished concrete. It’s effective but not applicable in areas with colder climates.

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