• What Are the Advantages of Laminate Floors?

  • Laminate Flooring Myrtle BeachAre you thinking about replacing the flooring in your home or condo? Why not consider laminate floors?

    Spring is a great time to freshen up the look of your home with fresh paint, new floors and updating your window treatments. You will definitely want to consider laminate floors because they are not only durable but they are also very attractive. You will especially love them if you have kids or pets because they are stain and scratch resistant. Laminate floors are designed for those high traffic areas in your home like kitchens and bathrooms. Here in Myrtle Beach, you will want to consider laminate floors because they will not fade even in direct sunlight.

    Key Advantages of Laminate Floors

    1. Ease of Installation.

    When you compare laminate floors to hardwood or ceramic tile, this type of floor is a breeze to install. There are even laminate floors that have a “glueless” option. With this type of laminate floors, the sections are connected using a tongue-and-groove design that clicks together to form a surface that is fastened securely. Laminate floors are a great choice for those DIY (do-it-yourself) types because it requires no experience. However, if you don’t have the time or desire to tackle this task, Flooring Myrtle Beach will be happy to help you with the installation.

    1. Adaptability With Subfloors.

    With other types of flooring, the subfloor can be a problem and you may even need to replace the subfloor depending on its condition. However, laminate floors are known for their ability to adapt to any type of subfloor. Is your home built on a slab and you have cement subfloors? Then laminate floors are the answer for you. Laminate floors can easily be installed on almost any type of subfloor, however, if you subfloor is warped or in need of repair, you will want to address this first and it is best to use a profession floor installation company to ensure the repairs are done properly. You can even install a laminate floor over existing linoleum or tile floors.

    1. Photographic Finish.

    Laminate floors are designed to be an imitation of real wood. The pattern that you see is actually a printed photo taken of real wood, this photo is then bonded to a clear surface using aluminum oxide finish. This finish gives your laminate floors that rugged resistance we talked about earlier in this post. Not only can you have a laminate floor that imitates a wood finish, you can also imitate stone, ceramic or other types of flooring. There are literally hundreds of choices to match at décor. You can be stylish while at the same time rugged and long-lasting.

    1. Warranty.

    In most instances, laminate floors will come with a warranty against staining, fading and wear. Many manufacturers also offer a warranty against moisture. Laminate flooring is definitely something you need to consider if an interior remodel of your home is on the agenda this spring.

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