• Your wood floorinFlooring Myrtle Beachg looks wonderful– with the exception of that a single broken wood floorboard. Many homeowners dread the sight of a broken single wood floor plank thinking they should replace the whole flooring. But did you know that it is possible to take care of a bothersome wood floor plank without changing the whole flooring?Yes. While the mere sight of it is disturbing, you do not want to replace the whole flooring just because of one broken board.

    The good news is that you could fix a bothersome wood floor board without changing the whole flooring. The solution depends on the type of wood floor covering and also installation method. But it should not matter whether your wood flooring is covered with a rug, or situated on a second floor or over a cellar.

    Repairing Wood Flooring

    Engineered Wood

    According to a flooring professional, if a broken engineered wood flooring is glued-down, you can simply remove the broken board, prep it, and then replace. It is as easy as that.

    Engineered wood floors contain tongue-and-groove slabs. The tongue-and-groove system interlaces the slabs to maintain the floorboards in position. Since there’s a tongue on one side of each board, you will have to eliminate the tongue on the substitute slab in order for it to fit with the existing floor covering.

    Solid Wood

    Solid wood floors use nails to hold the flooring in position rather than tongue-and-groove slabs. Repairing solid wood floors over a solid flooring or plywood is slight;y different. As opposed to gluing it, you could face nail the new substitute board.

    Cost of Repairing or Replacing Broken Wood Flooring

    • The cost of replacing your wood flooring ranges from $50 to $75 a slab to change glued or nailed floorboards. If the task entails a more complicated job, the cost goes higher.However, there are professional flooring services that charge a more reasonable price and not compromising the quality.
    • Flooring dips commonly suggest an irregular area in the subflooring, not a plank issue. Service providers commonly utilize a floor-leveling tool to level the flooring prior to re-installing the slabs.
    • While squeaky floorboards are replaceable, it could not address the trouble. The issue may not be the floor covering but a busted flooring joist. Fixing a damaged flooring joist needs reinforcing the damaged joist by connecting the second one to it. This repair work usually sets you costs hundreds of dollars.

    If you have trouble finding a trusted flooring repair service, call Flooring Myrtle Beach to help you with your flooring needs.

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