• Preparations To Take Before Your Carpet Installation

  • carpet installationYour flooring and carpet contractor is not the only one responsible for the entire carpet installation process. There are things that you should do and prepare for before they arrive at your house. This will ensure the process will run smoothly and efficiently. Plus, they will also help prevent potential problems that may hinder a successful installation.

    Do not worry, however, because these preparation steps are very easy to do and you no longer need to invest in specific tools or equipment. So, if you want to ensure a quick and efficient installation process for your new carpet flooring, think about doing these necessary prep steps.

    1. Ensure neat workspace – Contractors will be moving back and forth throughout your house, so you should ensure neat and unblocked paths for them to move. Keep in mind that they will not only be working in the area where your new carpet will be installed, they also need to go back to their trucks to get supplies and tools that they need.

    Aside from ensuring they have easy and instant access to your house, you should also prepare parking space for their trucks. If you are going to be needing space from your neighbor’s driveway, be sure to inform them ahead of time to prevent any disputes. It is important to make things easier for the Myrtle Beach carpet installation contractors so they will be able to work more smoothly and quickly.

    2. Create a trail for the contractors – This is especially helpful if the room where the new carpet Myrtle Beach is being installed is located far from any doors or entrances to your house. You will need to lay a safe trail where contractors could walk on while moving throughout your house. Keep in mind that they will not have the time to remove or dust their shoes repeatedly when going in and out of the house. Thus, they are likely to leave behind trails of dust and mud that could potentially damage your other flooring. Plus, they will also be carrying heavy equipment and tools to help them install your new carpet flooring. And these can also potentially damage your flooring.

    To protect the rest of your house, you should consider laying out a trail for them to walk on. You can use old towels, cardboard, old carpet squares or drop cloths. Make sure these materials are laid out securely to the flooring to prevent slipping and injuring the contractors.

    3. Remove your valuables – Make it easier for the carpet installation contractors to move things around the room where the new carpet is being installed by removing your valuables. This will also ensure that your valuables, especially the ones are fragile and prone to breaking, are protected and safe from any potential damages or cracks. These include your vases, glassware, paintings, and other breakables.

    You should also consider removing these items along the pathway that the contractors from flooring will use to move throughout your house. Note that they might not see these items immediately when carrying their equipment and tools. Thus, to prevent damaging your valuables, make sure you remove them and store them temporarily in your garage or closet.

    4. Cover other furniture in the room for protection – If there are items and furniture in the room where the new carpet is being installed that cannot be moved out of the room, consider covering them instead with a cloth or plastic to prevent damage and scratches. You can also consider asking for their assistance in removing heavy furniture out of the room.

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