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    One advantage of using a professional that is in experienced in all types of flooring is you can compare alternatives and make the right choice for you.  Although hardwood floors have become more popular recently, carpeting is still a great choice for all or part of your home.  However, selecting the right carpeting can seem overwhelming.  Here are a few tips from Flooring Myrtle Beach to make your task easier:

    Matching The Carpet Colors

    Most people will select carpet colors that match or compliment their walls.  If you are also in the process of painting your walls, you will want to coordinate both the paint of the walls and the carpet.  Matching the color in a favorite furniture piece is also a great idea.

    When it comes to matching colors in your home there are no rules.  Make sure you pick up plenty of carpet samples and compare them side by side in your home and see how you feel about the colors and how they compare to your décor.  Darker carpet colors serve as nice contrast to light walls, while matching a light carpet with light walls will give a small room look more expansive. Contrasting colors such as a green carpet against a blue wall can be very eye appealing.  However, keep in mind it can also make a room look busy.  If you are planning to sell your home any time soon, you will want to stay away from contrasting colors.

    Trust your gut – it is your home after all.  If you are hiring a painting contractor, you may want to consult with them on the choice of colors for your carpet.  Place the samples down on your floor and live with them for a few days before making any quick decision.

    Knowing Your Carpet Types

    This is an area where you will want to work with a carpet specialist since there are so many carpet types.  Here are just a few considerations:

    • Plush textured carpets offer the best versatility and will cover up footprints in high traffic areas.
    • Saxon will give you a more refined and beautiful look for a more elegant appearance for more formal areas of your home
    • Berber loop gives a plush feeling.  The cut/loop style of berber provides accent colors and can give a great modern look to your décor.

    Click here for more information on types of carpet.

    Carpet Pricing

    Here are a few tips to consider when pricing your carpet choice.  If you have two very close carpet choices and they have two very different prices, there is really no reason to go with the less expensive choice.  However, if you let price be the final factor in your decision you may end up with a carpet choice that doesn’t make your happy which in the long run will cost more money should you decide to replace the carpet with a higher quality.

    The final deciding factor is what do you like?  Look for carpet that looks good in your home, will hold up under the traffic patterns of the room and matches your style and décor.

    Flooring Myrtle Beach has carpet flooring samples from a wide variety of manufactures.  You can take these samples home and see how they fit with your walls, furniture and style.

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