• Carpet Professionals on Why You Need To Restretch Your Carpets

    3 Jul 2018 | Blog | Sue White

  • Carpet Installer Myrtle BeachCarpets have various functions at home which includes enhancing the style aspect of a room, make walking inside the house comfortable and help control or minimize sound within the home.

    Once you have carpets installed at home, you would think, that is all there is to it and there’s is no need to do anything except for periodic cleaning. But as time passes by, you might notice that there are some aspects of your carpet that need your attention and should be addressed immediately like how to restretch carpet

    Are There Signs Of Bunches, Rolls, Or Ripples?

    After several years of foot traffic, your carpet will start to display signs of deterioration. Your carpets might end up looking loose and can expand in certain areas. The once flexible carpet you know is not the same after several years of use but will start revealing rolls, bunches, and ripples in certain areas. At some point, you can ignore these signs but there will come a time that the rolls and ripples will start to look unattractive and can cause avoidable tripping.

    The solution to this situation is to consult carpet professionals on how to re-stretch carpet and bring back its form.

    When To Re-stretch Carpet?

    If you see your carpet starts to loosen up and people avoid walking towards the bumps and ripples, you need to act quickly. Dealing with the loosened carpet will surely keep your family from accidents and help bring back the brand new look of the carpet.

    To restretch carpet involves pulling the slack from an old carpet to make sure that it will level against the floor again. Any excess material visible after stretching will be cut away and the carpet will be put right back in its place.

    It is better to ask for help from certified carpet restretching professionals because they use special tools and devices to get the job done. They use a slotted blade knife, hammer, an awl and a power stretcher. The slotted blade knife is used to separate the floor covering around the sides so they could be pulled. A hammer and an awl are used to separate pile from the tack strip. For the heavy carpet stretching, the power stretcher is used. For lighter stretching tasks, a knee stretcher is utilized to finish the task.

    How Often Should You Restretch Your Carpet?

    If your carpet has already been installed when you moved into your new home, you can consider restretching your carpet in the next five or more years. This is because an appropriately installed carpet can last up to five years or more.

    For carpets that need restretching, call or visit Flooring Myrtle Beach. We can provide you more information about carpet restretching and anything about flooring.


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