• Carpet And When To Replace

  • carpetWhen is the right time to replace your carpet? While there’s no magic formula that can tell you exactly when you should have your carpeting replaced, there are signs that show a replacement is due. It’s these signs that every homeowner should watch out for. Some indications that your carpeting is in dire need of a replacement are obvious while some are inconspicuous. Here are some signs that you should be aware of:

    Tell-tale signs that you need new carpeting

    1. Age – before we go any further about this particular aspect, let’s set a baseline that there need to be certain factors that are also in play. In simple terms, age isn’t everything. There are carpets that are perfectly preserved if they are set in the right conditions. For instance, carpeting that is installed in a well-kept room that has minimal foot traffic and with controlled temperature can last long beyond its suggested lifespan. However, this does not apply to most of the households we normally see. A Myrtle Beach carpet normally lasts anywhere from 10 – 15 years. Exposure to dirt and other contaminants can speed up the process. Pair it with heavy traffic and you will likely need to have your carpeting replaced sooner than later.
    1. Flattened fibers – unfortunately, you will need a miracle to bring back the plumpness of the carpet fibers. After years of being tread upon, the fibers will compress and become no longer comfortable to step on. Aside from that, areas that are prone to foot traffic would have visible wear marks over time. You would see a stark contrast from the day after the flooring installation. And a few years later. Unluckily, you can’t just trim out the parts that have the most damage and patch in a new carpet. You would need to have the entire area redone.
    1. Faded color – have you ever had a painting sit beside a window? After months or years of being hung on the wall and exposed to the sun and other elements, textiles and other fabrics (including carpeting) will start to fade. You would start noticing slight differences in color that would gradually become much more faded over time. Why is faded carpeting a problem and do you need to replace it? First of all, faded carpeting is unsightly and the quality of faded carpeting will deteriorate.
    1. Unwanted scents and stains – among the most compelling reasons to have your carpeting replaced are stains and some nasty smells. There are some smells that just don’t come off easily. Dog or cat feces can be very smelly and not everyone can tolerate it. Aside from this, there are other smells that develop over time such as those that come from excess moisture. Stains are also a big issue, especially for lightly colored carpeting. Wine stains are some of the ones that are very hard to remove. When deciding to have your carpeting replaced, contact experts like Flooring Myrtle Beach. Hiring professional flooring contractors would make carpet replacements quick and easy.

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