• Flooring Myrtle Beach SCThe most popular tile floors among many residential homes are ceramic and porcelain. The primary reason for this is the elegance and appeal that it adds to your home. Whatever the style of your home, you will surely find something that suits and complements your style with ceramic and porcelain tiles. Whether you have a modern or classic theme for your home, there are ceramic and porcelain designs that you can choose for your flooring.

    In addition to this, ceramic and porcelain tiles are very easy to clean and maintain making it the top choice for households with pets and small children. Simple sweeping and mopping will easily remove debris and stains even if they have already dried. Moreover, ceramic and porcelain tiles are stain and fire resistant. They are also specifically manufactured to resist fading as a result of sunlight exposure.

    Choosing Between Ceramic And Porcelain Tile Floors

    Aside from their similarities, ceramic and porcelain also have differences. This is what most homeowners look at and asses to decide which they will choose for their flooring. The differences primarily include the materials and processes used to make them.

    Porcelain tiles are made from finer clays that are cooked in higher pressure and higher temperature to create a denser consistency than ceramic tiles. And because of this, porcelain tiles have higher moisture resistance. This is why they are often the top choice for outdoor flooring.

    With regards to pricing, there are porcelain tiles that are more expensive than ceramic tiles. Some are in the same price range. These all depend on the specific variety and type of the tile. Whether you choose porcelain or ceramic tiles, make sure you choose one that has high PEI rating. This basically means that the tile is more durable to withstand high foot traffic.

    Ceramic tiles generally have the same density with porcelain tiles. On the other hand, porcelain tiles are better able to resist high moisture levels. Thus, ceramic tiles are most often used indoors. It can be used on both the walls and flooring as they have high resistance to stain, fire and fading.

    Both tiles are easy to clean and maintain. If you need assistance in choosing between ceramic and porcelain tiles, consult a professional from Flooring Myrtle Beach.

    Ceramic And Porcelain Tile Floors Are Long Lasting

    Because of their durability and wide range of designs, ceramic and porcelain tiles can also be used in bedrooms, living rooms and family rooms aside from their common use in kitchens and bathrooms. Flooring experts also recommend using them in your basement and mudrooms as they are durable enough to resist high levels of moisture.

    For more information on ceramic and porcelain tile floor, call Flooring Myrtle Beach today.

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