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  • Flooring Contractor Myrtle BeachThe Flooring Depot was recently called onto a job where the home owner had gone to the local home improvement store and purchased the tile for their entry way and living room.  He figured he would save some money and do the job himself.  Not long after starting, he realized that the job was more than he could handle.

    People often ask me “How can a flooring contractor help me?”

    Before you get started in the selection process, a flooring contractor, such as Flooring Myrtle Beach, can help you access the right flooring option for your home and your lifestyle.  Not only do you have a multitude of tile options, you also have hardwood, bamboo, linoleum and more.  There is a lot to consider in your selection:

    • Will your subflooring need to be adjusted to accommodate the extra weight of a heavier floor?
    • What are the traffic patterns in the area where you want to install new flooring? Is the traffic heavy or light?
    • Does the existing flooring need to be repaired or even removed before new flooring is installed?
    • Will your lifestyle be changing in the next few years? An addition to the family, or possibly retirement?  Will you need to accommodate an elderly family member?  All of these things need to be taken into consideration and a qualified flooring contractor can help you work through these decisions.

    Once you have decided you need to call a flooring contractor, how do you know which one to call?

    Does the contractor have the knowledge to do the job?  This is one area you will not be able to determine until you actually meet with the contractor.  Ask them to bring a portfolio of jobs they have done in the past and a list of references.

    Does the contractor carry the proper insurance?  This includes liability insurance and workman’s compensation insurance.  Find out if they have employees or work with sub-contractors.  If they are working with sub-contractors, what responsibility do they take for the work being done by the sub-contractor?

    When you meet with the company are you meeting with a sales person or the person that will either actually do the work or is directly responsible for the work being done?   Even if you do speak with a sales representative, make sure that you actually speak with the owner prior to making a decision.

    Flooring Myrtle Beach suggests that by taking a few precautions, you can avoid the experience of the gentlemen we mentioned earlier.  We ended up having to remove what he had already done, fix the subflooring and then start over.  He would have saved a lot of time and effort by following the suggestions in this article.

    Before you make a final decision, call Flooring Myrtle Beach 843-492-5891 and give us the opportunity to show you our work.  With over 35 years of experience in the Myrtle Beach area, we know that you will be happy with the advice and the completed job.

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