• Do It Yourself First Aid for Damaged Hardwood Floors

  • Hardwood flooring Myrtle BeachHardwood is probably the most aesthetically appealing floor covering material there is. They also have lots of other virtues– it’s natural, wheelchair-friendly, long lasting, hypoallergenic and easy to maintain. However, every so often even resilient hardwood floors can be damaged. The good news is that the damage is frequently simple to avoid or to repair. Find out more about emergency treatment for wood flooring.

    First-Aid To Damaged Hardwood Floors

    An Ounce of Prevention

    Protect your wood floors by adding felt “feet” to your couch, tables, and chairs to guard against scratching. Area rugs near all your home’s entryways to decrease the amount of dirt that will be brought inside on the shoes of family members and guests.

    Vacuuming or Sweeping on a regular basis and asking anyone entering the house to remove his or her shoes prior to stepping onto the hardwood floor does not make you a neat freak. Keeping dust and grit off natural wood is only good sense. Otherwise, they act like sandpaper, scraping and scratching the lovely surface.

    Bear in mind that water and wood are not the best of pals, either. Tidy up any spilled liquids such as wine, juice or milk right away. Use moisture sparingly when you clean hardwood floor and never, ever steam-clean wood.


    Scratches typically do not go deeper than the wood’s waxed surface area. If this does happen, get rid of them with a basic buffing, or apply another coat of wax then buff again. When the scratch goes right down into the wood, try using steel wool before re-waxing.


    When heavy furniture or dropped items damage a wooden floor, their result is actually to compress its fibers. Restore the damaged location by first removing the surface with sandpaper. Next, wet an old towel and place it on top of the damage. Hold an iron above the towel for about 3-5 minutes up until the moisture relies on steam and penetrates the wood. (Check occasionally to make sure that the procedure is not hurting your wood floor’s finish.) This will cause the wood fibers to swell and fill in the dent. Let dry thoroughly prior to refinishing.


    Utilize a box cutter or razor blade to scrape off the black part of a wood floor that has been burned. If the burn went deep into the wood, you will need to build up the space with wood glue, let it cure, and then refinish. For a shallower burn, the refinishing process itself is all it will require to fill in the mark.

    Pet Accidents

    You can improve the look of light staining from feline or pet dog accidents relatively quickly by sanding. Nevertheless, if your pet keeps releasing themselves in the same area on your floor, you might have to refinish the wood or perhaps remove and replace the broken section. At the same time, take your family pet for a veterinarian visit making sure that these frequent accidents are not the outcome of illness.

    Food Spills

    Care for food spills as soon as possible to make for simple clean-up. If you don’t get to them until after they have actually dried, though, try rubbing them carefully with a moist fabric till all traces of the food are gone. After you wipe the floor dry, use a light coating of wax.

    Water Marks and Mold

    Hardwood floor that has been harmed by overzealous washing or extreme wetness in the environment will often establish white or even black patches. Eventually, if the source of wetness is not dealt with, mold or mildew might begin to grow on your floor. Minor damage can be remedied with steel wool and sandpaper, but more serious black stains and mold growth may require replacement of the influenced floorboards.

    Depending on the age of your hardwood floor it may be beyond the point of no return or need to be stripped and refinished. Give Flooring Myrtle Beach a call to determine the right solution for you.

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