• Easy Guide on Maintaining Hardwood Floors

  • Flooring Myrtle BeachProper maintenance is extremely important to help preserve the beauty and durability of your hardwood floors. It will also help you avoid ending up with flooring that could easily be damaged, which will save you from repair costs. Moreover, you will not have to replace your flooring as often.

    If you want to do a better job with maintaining your hardwood floors, below is a helpful guide for you.


    1. Avoid spilling liquid and/or leaving liquid in contact with your hardwood flooring for a long time

    Keep in mind that hardwood is a natural material and it easily and rapidly absorbs water or any liquid. When it dries, it will shrink and you will have shrunken wood panels if you let water sit on your flooring for a long time. You are not safe from this type of flooring damage even if you use water-resistant finish for your hardwood flooring. There are seams and ga

    ps where water and other spilled liquid can easily seep through, causing more damage to your flooring.

    To prevent this from happening, immediately wipe away spills on your flooring. Make sure you use dry cloth when cleaning up spills. A damp mop will not be able to soak up all the spilled liquid from your flooring and may also leave ugly watermarks on the floor as you mop on the spill.

    1. Do not slide furniture along your hardwood floors

    Your furniture can damage your flooring. More specifically gliding or moving your furniture constantly may result in tearing up or creating dents on your hardwood panels.

    If possible, choose furniture that has round-headed domes on their legs. Otherwise, you can opt to buy smooth plastic caps to cover the bottom of the legs of your furniture or attach rollers to your furniture.

    Another way you can prevent the legs of your furniture from damaging your flooring is by placing a carpet or a piece of fabric under your furniture. This will protect your flooring when you are moving your furniture. This is especially helpful in the dining room where you constantly glide your chairs when sitting down and standing up from the table.

    1. Be mindful of cleaning requirements

    Flooring Myrtle Beach strongly suggests strictly following specific requirements when cleaning your hardwood flooring. This is important in maintaining the efficiency and beauty of your flooring. Plus, you will be able to protect your flooring from damage if you know how to properly clean it.

    If your flooring has a urethane finish, do not use wax or any other cleaners that leave film or residue. Remove scuffs or heel marks by lightly spraying the area with a hardwood flooring cleaning solution. Clean sticky spots using a damp towel or sponge.

    Avoid using ammonia cleaners and oil soaps when cleaning your flooring since they damage the finish of your hardwood floors. Keep in mind not to use large amounts of water when cleaning your wood floors as this will cause your flooring to swell and, eventually, form cracks and splinters.

    1. Properly protect your flooring from damage and wear and tear

    There are easy and cost-effective ways to protect your flooring from being damaged. Placemats at every entrance point of your house so that people who come in will not track dirt and moisture from their shoes.

    Place area rugs in places where people mostly walk and where spills most often happen. This will ensure that your flooring is protected even if you are not there to immediately wipe away the spills. On the other hand, you should avoid using rugs with rubber, foam or plastic backing as these have been found to cause discoloration on the hardwood.

    1. Use cleaning products as recommended by the manufacturer of your hardwood flooring

    Not all cleaning products can be used for your hardwood floors even if it is indicated on the label. To be sure the cleaning product you are considering using for your flooring is safe for hardwood, consult with a professional or inquire with the manufacturer of your flooring. Also, note the ingredients of a cleaning product before applying it on a section of your hardwood panels as some ingredients will cause damage to your flooring.

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