• Hardwood Floors Myrtle BeachWood is probably one of the most aesthetically enticing flooring product there is. Additionally, it has a lot of various other merits– it is all-natural, durable, hypoallergenic, wheelchair-friendly, and also very easy to preserve.

    Nonetheless, every now and then even hardwood flooring could be subject to damage. The bright side is that the damages are usually very easy to treat or fix. Find out more about DIY emergency treatment for hardwood floors.

    How to prevent damage to your hardwood floors

    Shield your wood flooring by including felt “feet” to your couch, tables, as well as chairs to defend against dents. Put mats or rugs alongside all your home’s entryways to lessen the quantity of dust that will be brought inside by shoes or pet paws.

    Sweeping or vacuuming regularly and asking every person to remove his/her footwear prior to stepping into the wood flooring does not make you a neat freak. On the other hand, keeping dirt and grit off all-natural wood just makes good sense. Or else, they will just be like sandpaper, scraping and also scratching the beautiful surface.

    Bear in mind that water, as well as wood, do not work well together. Tidy up any type of splashed fluids such as juice or milk immediately. Use dampness moderately when you clean hardwood floors and also never steam-clean wood.

    Treating damages on Hardwood floors


    Scrapes frequently go no much deeper than the wood’s waxed surface area. If so, eliminate them with a straightforward buffing, or use one more layer of wax and afterward buff. When the scrape goes right down right the wood, get rid of it with steel wool prior to re-waxing.


    Make use of a razor blade or box cutter to remove the black component of a hardwood flooring that has been burned. If the burn goes deep right into the wood, you will have to develop the space with wood adhesive, allow it to cure, then redecorate.


    Recover the broken area (damaged by heavy furniture) by first getting rid of the wood finish with great sandpaper. Next off, damp an old towel then place it in the damage wood or dent. Hold a hot iron over the towel for about three to five minutes till the dampness shows heavy steam and permeates the wood. This will then trigger the wood fibers to swell and then repair the damage. Allow to dry extensively prior to redecorating.

    Water Marks, mold, and mildew

    Hardwood floor covering that has been harmed by rough cleaning or too much dampness in the atmosphere will usually establish white or perhaps black spots. At some point, if the source of wetness is not handled, mold and mildew or mold could start to expand on your flooring. Small damages could be corrected with steel wool and sandpaper, yet much more significant black spots and mold and mildew development could require replacement of the impacted floorboards.

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