• Laminate flooring Myrtle BeachLaminate flooring is one of the great choices that homeowners can use for their flooring. There are many benefits to using this specific type of flooring, from the ease of maintenance to the unique beauty it adds to one’s home. If you are considering installing laminate for your flooring, here are some of the aspects that you need to know and consider about this type of flooring.

    How laminate flooring is made

    This specific type of flooring is composed of different layers: the backing, the inner core, the image design layer, and the wear layer. These layers are specifically manufactured individually to create a high-quality type of flooring that can withstand stains, rotting, and other common flooring problems. The composition of these layers also makes maintenance easy and simple.

    • Backing layer – Designed with high resistance to moisture to prevent warping of the boards.
    • Inner core layer – This layer is composed of high-density fiberboard and special resin to further strengthen the flooring’s resistance to moisture and increase durability.
    • Image design layer – This particular layer provides the image of wood, stone, metal or whatever material the laminate is imitating. Some brands of laminate also imitate the texture of the material to give it a more realistic look.
    • Wear layer – The topmost layer serves as a protective layer that prevents fading, scratching and damaging of the laminate.

    Style and affordability

    One of the primary reasons why many homeowners opt to use laminate as oppose to other types of flooring is because it serves as an affordable alternative to more expensive types of flooring such as hardwood. Add to this the fact that maintenance and cleaning are much easier with laminate than hardwood.

    More advanced technology is now utilized to manufacture laminate in order for it to more effectively resemble hardwood. In fact, some laminate flooring now have the same texture as hardwood. And even with the use of more advanced technology, laminate flooring is still more affordable than hardwood and other types of flooring.

    Laminate flooring and hardwood flooring

    When choosing between laminate and hardwood flooring, you will have to consider your lifestyle and your budget. Both types of flooring offer various designs and benefits that will satisfy your needs.

    On the other hand, if you find less time to clean and maintain your flooring, the best choice for you is laminate because of its easy maintenance. Laminate is also the best choice of flooring if you have small kids and pets who cause scratches and damage to your flooring.

    Hardwood is basically more expensive than laminate flooring. It requires more intensive maintenance and cleaning in order to maintain its shine and maximize its lifespan. If you have the money and the time to do regular maintenance, hardwood is the flooring for you.

    Laminate and vinyl flooring

    Both laminate and vinyl flooring are synthetic flooring and not made from natural products like hardwood flooring. And because of this, both can be made to look like any type of material such as hardwood, tile or metal.

    The difference between the two is that laminate is easy to install while providing high-quality flooring. Vinyl, on the other hand, requires the installation of a specific type of vinyl sheet to provide the same level of quality. Also, cleaning procedures for laminate and vinyl highly differ, although both are easy to clean and maintain.

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