• Hardwood Flooring Myrtle BeachMany homeowners choose hardwood floors because of their durability and easy maintenance. Add to this the fact that it lasts longer than other types of flooring, especially if you take very good care of it. Plus, hardwood floors matches and suits any theme you may have for your home.

    Although these floors are quite easy to clean and maintain, it does not hurt to learn about tools and strategies to make cleaning and maintenance easier and more fun. Here are some suggestions that you might want to consider.

    How to Keep Hardwood Floors in Excellent Condition

    • Use microfiber mops

    The best thing about these genius mops is that they easily pick up dirt, dust and pet hair. It’s important to clean dirt and hair right away so they don’t get ground in to the wood and create scratches. Using microfiber to clean your hardwood floors is truly convenient. You can use them on a daily basis and swiftly clean your flooring all throughout the house. You will be surprised how much dust and dirt the mop will pick up after just a quick sweep throughout your house.

    A microfiber mop is not as costly as you think. In fact, the microfiber piece can be removed and washed so you can have a clean one each time you mop. You can also opt to buy additional microfiber cloth so you have a replacement when you wash the one you are using. Otherwise, you could buy a yard of microfiber cloth and make your own microfiber piece for your mop. Plus, you will have extra cloth to use in cleaning other surfaces and cabinets around your house.

    • Use vacuums for hardwood floors

    Another cleaning essential that you might want to keep at home for your hardwood flooring is a good vacuum cleaner. Experts recommend using vacuums with a flat-surface floor setting, which will stop the brush rotation that may damage your hardwood floors. There are many great cordless vacuums made just for the kitchen and these would be very convenient to have around. Re-charge them at night and use them whenever you need without having to drag out your big bulky vacuum!

    • Sanitize with steam cleaners

    If you have small kids or toddlers who like to play on the floor or climb stairs, you will want to ensure the flooring is not only clean but also germ-free. To do this without damaging your hardwood floor, you can use steam cleaners, as long as the floor is sealed.

    When using steam cleaners on your hardwood, mind those open or unsealed areas especially between the floorboards where the steam could pass through. This will later result in moisture warping which will eventually cause damage to your flooring. To prevent this from happening, keep your steam cleaner moving along your flooring and avoid hovering over an area longer than necessary to prevent creating hot spots.

    The best thing about using steam cleaners is that they are effective in killing harmful germs on your flooring without the need to use chemicals, which may have harmful effects on the skin, eyes or on your lungs. There are models of steam cleaners that also feature a microfiber layer for added protection on your hardwood flooring.

    • Use surface cleaners for dried out spills and dirt that have already stuck on your hardwood floors.

    You are not always present when spills happen. And sometimes, dirt could stick on your floorboards without you noticing. To effectively clean these, you will need to use a good brand of surface cleaners. Make sure you choose one that works for hardwood flooring. These are great in cleaning your floorboards and giving them a shiny appearance.

    If your flooring is damaged, it is highly recommended that you fix your floorboards first and make sure they are tightly sealed before using surface cleaners. Keep in mind that most surface cleaners are liquid based; thus, using them in broken or damaged floorboards will allow the liquid cleaner to seep through the floorboard and accumulate underneath it. Eventually, it will cause moisture which will damage your flooring.

    To be sure nothing will seep through your floorboard, consider using spray solutions for your surface cleaners. This will prevent you from pouring the liquid cleaner directly on your floor and from using too much cleaner. Also, you will be able to easily clean small areas with spray solutions.

    If you are using a new surface cleaning product, experts suggest testing the product in a room that has sufficient lighting. Make sure you see clearly on the spot on the flooring where you will test the product out. This will allow you to verify if there are streaks or residue left after cleaning the floorboards. There should be no film left on the flooring after applying the liquid cleaner and mopping.

    • Prevent your flooring from moisture development and scratches

    To effectively prevent moisture development, it is important that you immediately clean spills and rain tracks s soon as you see them on your flooring. When left to dry out, the liquid may seep through the floorboards and eventually cause moisture problems. Also, keep in mind that rubber can leak moisture into your floorboards. Thus, it would be best to keep shoes off of your flooring. If possible, use plastic bins to store your shoes. Also, avoid using floor mats with rubber backing.

    To prevent scratches on your flooring, you can add felt cushions to the bottom of chair and table legs as well as under your other furniture that you frequently move. Another strategy you can consider is applying oil-based products in small amounts to serve as a protective layer between flooring and the bottom of your furniture. Most oil-based products also work great to polish off light scratches.

    For more tips in cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors, call Flooring Myrtle Beach now.

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