• Flooring 101 – Ceramic Tile

  • tile floorsThere are a lot of flooring materials in the market. Among the most familiar are hardwood, vinyl, laminate, and tile. The term ceramic tile is used loosely nowadays that people often think that all ceramic tiles are the same but they are not. Tile floors come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and makes. The manufacturing process for producing tiles as well as the materials used, define the specific type of tile. This article will be focusing on the different types of ceramic tile and which application each one is meant for.

    Uncovering the different varieties of tile floors

    Wall tiles – these are the ceramic tiles that you often see in bathrooms which are applied to the walls. Some varieties of wall tiles are durable enough that they can also be used on floors. However, most wall tiles are only used on walls since they lack the durability that ceramic floor tiles have. Since they are used on walls and will not be exposed to pressure or foot traffic, the durability of these tiles is often inferior to that used on floors.

    Glazed floor tiles – one of the most common types of tile floors in Myrtle Beach is the glazed floor tile. These tiles are manufactured through a special process wherein a glaze or coating is applied before the tile is cooked. The process of making glazed floor tiles involve compacting and firing. The compacted tile is then fired up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. After the cooking process, the tiles come out with a shiny top layer that is hard and resistant to scratches. There are also unglazed ceramic floor tiles used for non-slip applications.

    Porcelain tiles – basically, porcelain tiles share the same manufacturing techniques as ceramic tiles. However, the clay that is used for making porcelain tiles are much denser. The heat required to cook porcelain tile is also much higher and require longer curing time. The manufacturing process and well as the ingredients used to make porcelain tile more durable and more water-resistant than ceramic tile. However, it is also much more expensive.

    As for flooring installation, both types of tiles share similar installation methods. Cutting ceramic tiles are often done with power tools fitted with carbide or diamond tip cutting blades. Porcelain tiles are much harder to cut and wear out blades faster than ceramic tile.

    Most ceramic and porcelain flooring come in uniform sizes, this makes the installation a lot easier. There are also installation guides that make the job a lot faster. However, the installation of floors should not be done by novice DIYers. Ceramic and porcelain tiles do not come cheap. Some brands are expensive and breaking a few large pieces will cost you a lot. It is best to leave the installation process in the hands of flooring experts such as Flooring Myrtle Beach. Hiring flooring contractors ensure that your investment is handled well.

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