• Why Do Hardwood Flooring Installation Before Cabinets

  • Flooring Installation Myrtle BeachIf you are considering a new flooring installation along with cabinet replacement as part of your kitchen remodel, professional contractors will recommend that you have the flooring installed prior to the cabinets. There are several reasons for this aside from making the entire kitchen renovation process easier and more organized.

    1. To establish height consistency for your cabinets and appliances
    Installing your hardwood flooring first will allow you to set your cabinets and appliances at the proper height. Generally, cabinets and appliances should be 36 inches above the flooring. Adhering to this rule will prevent your appliances and cabinets from getting trapped underneath the flooring. Aside from being an eyesore, this will make it extremely difficult and costly for you to replace or move your kitchen appliances.

    You can also consider installing plywood underneath your kitchen cabinets and appliances to achieve the standard height requirement. On the other hand, you should know that these will cost you more money as you will need to purchase the needed plywood and hire a professional to cut the plywood in the right size. You also need to have your contractor specifically cut the hardwood as part of the flooring installation so that it will fit around your cabinets.

    2. To easily change the layout of your cabinets
    Because many homeowners often end up replacing their kitchen cabinets, Flooring Myrtle Beach highly recommends installing the hardwood flooring first in every kitchen renovation project. Considering that hardwood flooring can last for more than a hundred years, it is no doubt more durable than most kitchen cabinets. This is why cabinets are more frequently replaced than the flooring.

    Aside from replacing cabinets due to wear and tear, some homeowners also find the need to change the layout of their cabinets probably because of the installation of additional kitchen equipment or appliances. They would want to move things around to maximize their flooring space. And if cabinets are installed on top of the hardwood flooring, moving cabinets around and changing their layout will be a breeze.

    3. To have a cleaner and more organized look
    Having your contractor do the hardwood flooring installation prior to your cabinets will help you achieve a cleaner and more organized look. There will not be any bumps or gaps between the flooring and cabinets and your flooring will simply flow underneath your cabinets.

    This will require less effort from your contractor; thus, reducing the labor costs that you will have to pay for. More importantly, installing your hardwood flooring will not be like a puzzle where you have to find the right pieces to fit around your cabinets and avoid bumps and gaps. In the end, you save time and money by installing your hardwood flooring first prior to your cabinets.

    4. To protect your cabinets
    Installing hardwood flooring often requires a certain preparation process that includes sanding and doing a test to find out whether or not the specific type of hardwood floor you chose is suitable and appropriate for your kitchen. During this preparation process, your cabinets could get nicked, stained or scratched. Apparently, these are inevitable no matter how much careful your contractor is. Remember that they need to get the right size and cut of your hardwood to fit exactly around your cabinets.

    Although cabinet installation can also cause damage to your flooring, preventing and minimizing these damages is easier than with the damages inflicted on your cabinets. In fact, there is a certain process that your contractors follow to avoid flooring damage when installing your cabinets.

    Always work with a trained and experienced flooring installation professional to ensure proper installation process and to effectively avoid damages to your cabinets and appliances. Call Flooring Myrtle Beach today and inquire about their services.

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