• What Flooring Options Are Eco-Friendly?

  • flooringYou can easily improve the look and feel of your home with the installation of new floors. But what if you are looking for flooring options that are eco-friendly? Here are some ways you can make “green” flooring decisions.

    Choosing Flooring Material

    When determining the kind of eco-friendly flooring material to install, homeowners need to take into account the sustainability of the product as well as how long it will last before it needs a replacement.

    Durability – the more often you require to replace your floor, the more resources you take from nature. If you are thinking of durability, a hard surface should be on top of your list. Durable floors like porcelain, marble, or ceramic are excellent options if your floors to last for a very long time.

    Hardwood ranks second when it comes to durability. The hardwood floors today are made much stronger by today’s technology.

    Renewable Products

    Non-traditional hardwoods such as bamboo and cork do not need heavy deforestation because of the way they are harvested and how fast they regrow. Cork is harvested by taking out the bark and in a few years, the process can once again be repeated. When it comes to harvesting bamboo, you do not have to cut at its root system, it could reach maturity again between three to five years. For homeowners who like the appearance of hardwood floors Myrtle Beach, you have to find responsible companies that plant trees whenever they harvest. Although more expensive, carpets woven from natural fibers such as wool are desired by several homeowners due to their sustainability.

    Recycled Products

    Another popular choice is reclaimed lumber. They are made using recycled materials and help minimize deforestation. This flooring option can also add a rustic and vintage tone to any contemporary home. There are also some companies that give carpets a second life by reconditioning old ones and turning them into new ones.

    Maintaining Your Floors

    The EPA has linked volatile organic compounds to a range of health problems ranging from nausea to headaches to problems related to the central nervous system. VOC’s tend to be highest during and after specific household activities such as the installation and refinishing the hardwood floors. To make sure that indoor air contaminants are eliminated from your home, a VOC free installation technique should be used when installing hardwood floors. For installation, repair, and maintenance of hardwood floors, you can rely on experts like Flooring Myrtle Beach.

    Disposing of Your Old Floors

    Once the time has come to replace your floors, think of alternatives to just ditching your old floors in a landfill. Certain flooring products, such as natural hardwood, for instance, will decompose easily by themselves if they are not reused in a reclaimed lumber program. Throughout the lifespan of the floors, choosing a flooring material all the way to disposal as well as possible renewal, homeowners could make responsible decisions that support the plant while keeping their loved ones safe and healthy. Always keep these basic tips in mind to bring a green perspective whenever you make a decision as to what type of floor to install in your home.

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