• Flooring Contractor Myrtle BeachIf you are planning to work on your flooring soon, why not go for low-priced laminate flooring. You’ll discover a big choice of wood look-alike products with some ceramic tile and stone replicas.

    What You Can Do with Laminate Flooring


    • Floating laminate flooring can be installed in almost any space, but with a few exceptions. Floating laminate flooring is made from wood or fiberboard that can easily be damaged with wetness or moisture. Try to avoid installing it places with a drain or sump pump.
    • Laminate flooring can also be installed in kitchen areas, but you have to be prepared in immediately cleaning up spills.
    • You can also combine it with other flooring products with the exception of indoor/outdoor carpets and others with brief naps. Installing laminate flooring in this manner is easy because there is no need to remove old flooring before installing it. Just be reminded that your existing flooring will be elevated to about 3/8 inch. Many flooring manufacturers have shift limits that consider differing flooring heights.
    • If you are planning to have laminate flooring installed in your kitchen, ensure that your existing kitchen appliance will fit in their original position even after the flooring installation. If not, then this will be the part where old flooring should be removed first.

    Preparing To Install Laminate Flooring

    To make the task go efficiently and rapidly, here’s what else you have to understand when setting up laminate flooring

    1. Get the space all set by getting rid of the base shoe and baseboards.

    Just like any type of flooring installation, be sure that the floor is clean and smooth. Working on a non-level surface will result in a soft and spongy surface. High areas on wood floorings can be sanded down. Low areas on concrete pieces need to be filled with leveling substance.

    1. Measure the area you will be working on

    Measure the space to figure out the overall square footage of laminate flooring you’ll require, and then include 5 percent for waste and errors. Remember to leave a space of about 3/8 inch around the border of the space to enable the flooring to expand and contract with changes in humidity. That space will be covered when you re-install the baseboards and base shoe.

    1. Let the flooring adapt to the room’s temperature

    You can do this by bringing all laminate flooring into the room you’ll be installing it in. Open the plans and disperse the loose slabs around the space simply put stacks. This helps the floor covering to adapt to the ambient humidity in your space, a procedure that takes about two days. Utilize the chance to check any slabs for damage.

    1. Prepare the door frames, If any

    At this point, you need to arrange the door frame so that the floor covering will move below the trim and jamb. Utilize a piece of flooring and underlayment as a guide, and mark the door trim and jamb for cutting. Cut the pieces utilizing a jamb saw– a specialized handsaw with a balanced handle that makes it simple to cut near the flooring. You can rest the saw blade on top of a piece of floor covering to ensure you have a direct, even cut that’s the right height.

    1. Be sure to ask help from flooring professionals

    Attempting to install laminate flooring on your own can be a fulfilling task. However, when in doubt, you can always ask the help of flooring professionals for guidance. This makes the task easier and achievable.

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