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  • Hiring an Interior Myrtle Beach Flooring Contractor 

    Hiring an interior Myrtle Beach flooring contractor can be a very exciting and trying time. Your floor is an important part of your home and you want it to be just right. After all, you'll be looking at the floors for years and they need to be done right. Hiring an interior flooring contractor isn't much different from hiring any type of contractor. Checklist in Hiring An Interior Myrtle Beach Flooring Contractor 1.Define The Project It's important that you write out exactly what the [...]

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    How To Maintain The Luster Of Hardwood Floors

    Have you had your breath taken away by the beauty of a new hardwood floor? Actually, most homeowners who have hardwood floors were inspired by a floor they saw somewhere else. It glitters when new but if not maintained properly, wood ages quickly, pride turns to disgust in a short period of time. Below are a few tips to help you maintain the luster of your hardwood floor. Keep your Hardwood Floors Shining The secret is in how you clean. It is important to note that unlike other flooring [...]

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    Cleaning Tips For Your Ceramic Tile Floors

      More and more homeowners are opting to install ceramic tile floors. This is primarily because of their appeal, high versatility, and low maintenance. Ceramics also have unparalleled durability and flexibility as a result of the unique way they are processed and manufactured. Ceramic tiles are made by shaping and kilning natural particles at very high temperatures. They are then glazed to create a barrier that protects the tiles from chemicals, water, dirt and stains which makes[...]

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    Regrout And Restore Your Tile Floors

    When your tile floors have reached its maximum lifespan where the dirt and scum have already seeped well through the grout, cleaning may no longer be an option. You may need to restore it to bring back its charm and attractive appearance. Do not worry, however, because restoring your tile flooring is different from restoring hardwood flooring and cabinets. Restoring tile flooring primarily requires regrouting. What is regrouting? Regrouting is a process of removing the old and worn out [...]

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    Why You Need Flooring Professionals For Wood Flooring Repair

    Hardwood flooring makes a home look modern and unique. There are several kinds of real hardwood floor, each with an appearance that is totally its own. Distressed or aged hardwood floor covering, the distinct lines of parquet flooring, there's also engineered flooring and also strip floorings in addition to mosaic panels. Hardwood Flooring Repair Periodically your wood flooring will require repair, either to eliminate scrapes or discolorations or perhaps to fix a flooring that was [...]

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