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  • Tips For Cleaning Hardwood Floors

    In Myrtle Beach, hardwood floors have become very popular.  They give your home a warm inviting feel and can be used with almost any décor.  However, if you are not careful with the maintenance of your hardwood floor, you can cause damage and the need to resurface your floor. Helpful Hints For Maintaining Hardwood Floors You should sweep your floors on a regular basis with a fine bristle, soft broom.  A great alternative to a broom is a Swifter sweeper with a dry cloth attachment. [...]

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    Repairing Flood Water Damage To Your Wood Flooring 

    The recent hurricane has brought in enough rainwater to flood the streets and even inside people’s houses in South Carolina. Thus, there are many homeowners who call flooring professionals for repair or installation of new flooring. But how do you really know if your wood flooring has been damaged by flood water? Wood Flooring Facts The very first thing to discuss is that your wood flooring's polyurethane finish is particularly planned to keep water and dirt from ever touching the wood. [...]

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    Looking For New Floors? Think Tile Flooring

    New home or currently under home renovation? Is flooring one of the changes you plan to make? Tile flooring is versatile and beautiful and is very popular today. Main Advantages of Tile Flooring Easy to Maintain Ceramic and vinyl tile flooring do not require any special cleaning products because they are resistant to stain and extremely easy to clean. When you have a spill, you can quickly wipe off the tile flooring with a mild cleansing solution saving your time and money. Ease of [...]

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    Ideal Flooring For Your Budget

    It is a good thing that you have finally decided to ditch the old family carpet and change it with a wood flooring. But what type of wood flooring do you actually need? Wood is naturally lovely, however, it is a bit pricey. Engineered wood, which is easier to install, consists of several plywood layers with a top layer of wood veneer. While laminate flooring can also look good as wood at a fraction of the price. When choosing the ideal flooring, think not just about the cost, but the [...]

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    Preparations To Take Before Your Carpet Installation

    Your flooring and carpet contractor is not the only one responsible for the entire carpet installation process. There are things that you should do and prepare for before they arrive at your house. This will ensure the process will run smoothly and efficiently. Plus, they will also help prevent potential problems that may hinder a successful installation. Do not worry, however, because these preparation steps are very easy to do and you no longer need to invest in specific tools or equipment.[...]

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