• Flooring Tips

  • Exactly what to Expect With Your Floor Installation

    When you hire a specialist to install brand-new flooring in your house there are a couple of things that you can expect. Some things will depend upon exactly what type of floor covering you have selected for your Myrtle Beach home in addition to whether this is a new build or an older home being refurbished. A lot of contractors will carry out the following when they feel it is needed. Moisture Test If laying a floor over concrete it is important to perform a moisture test. This can take [...]

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    Install a Ceramic Tile Floor Successfully

    Are you thinking about to install or change a ceramic tile floor in your Myrtle Beach home? You have chosen a flooring product with a long list of virtues: it's hardwearing, beautiful  and long lasting. However, tile can be a bit difficult to work with, though, so it pays to arm yourself with a little expert information on tile flooring setup prior to starting. Here are eleven ideas for success. Where to begin? Choose ceramic tile floor that is attractive yet practical. Obviously the [...]

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    Snap Together Flooring - Do It Yourself or Flooring Expert?

    Today you can acquire prepared to lay snap together flooring of all types from laminate to wood. Aside from being offered in so many textures, materials and designs it's supposed to be made in a way that is easy to install yourself. There is no glue or nailing to be done, you simply follow the instructions for a gorgeous new floor in a weekend. But, it's really not all that simple. First you have to make sure your surface is prepared. You'll need to ensure that there isn't a lot of wetness, [...]

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    Residential Flooring Choices

    With the number of choices available, it would be as you would expect daunting. Residential flooring choices are just too many, stone flooring, brick flooring, hardwood, or even the cool and green natural cork tile flooring. One small gaffe and you’re going to live with that choice for the rest of your life, err… at least until you can get hold of another budget for remodeling. Choosing residential flooring isn’t that hard. It’s a matter of choice plus a good sense of style, plus [...]

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    Going Green in Flooring

    One of the bright spots despite a sluggish economy is the green movement.  Sales in this area have continued to grow and the influence of this can be seen in our media including magazines and TV.  Everywhere you turn you see some form of environmentally, socially responsible message.  Myrtle Beach Home Services is no exception. Some businesses are actively promoting their eco friendly products.  We have posted articles on Organic Pest Control, Green Carpet Cleaning and Green Plumbing.  [...]

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