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  • Travertine Floor covering-- Old to Modern

    Travertine is typically described as travertine marble and falls somewhere between sedimentary rock and marble. It is made from calcium carbonate and also is normally found in the form of deposits near warm or hot springs. It is created by dissolved limestone, mixed with vapor under pressure. It gives a number of different appearances by the use of rolling as well as refining and filling in any deep cracks. The attraction of travertine stone has its roots in the history of the imaginative [...]

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    Hardwood Flooring Supplier

    Undisputedly, hardwoods are the most aesthetic flooring material. It comes with elegant natural pattern, exquisite color, plus it is very versatile. As it aged, it becomes more and more elegant, colors maturing into deep ochre depending on the color. If you are fancying your own hardwood floor, this page is a great place to begin. Here are some information about hardwood flooring supplier and the products they sell. The Flooring Depot 864 Kingswood Dr, Conway, SC 29526 and 5298 Main St #1,[...]

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    Non Slip Flooring

    6 Jun 2016

    Troubled about slippery floors? While stone floors like marble, slate, and limestone may be gorgeous with their exquisite veining, these floors could get slippery. And hard falls especially on small and tricky areas like stairs and bathrooms can be deadly. Protect these areas by installing non slip flooring. If you own a swimming pool where family and guests must come inside to use the facilities, having a slippery floor can be very dangerous. You never know when accidents happen. There [...]

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    Kitchen Flooring

    24 May 2016

    Often when building a new home or renovating an existing one, the most important concern in the house construction is the area flooring of the interior. And the interior home flooring set up is frequently determined a success only if you have a fabulous kitchen flooring. Kitchen flooring is the most integral part of the abode since the kitchen is where most of the family activity takes place, more so than the family room or den. The kitchen is where the family wakes-up in, where the hubby and[...]

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    Oak is the most popular choice for hardwood floors in North America. First off, it comes in red or white varieties and within each species; there are a range of hues. The color of the white oak runs from creamy white to a light brown all the way up to a medium brown. Red oak tends to be reddish brown in color. Both are known for their utility across all kinds of applications. Red and white oak flooring boards rank among the top hardwood species used for furniture and flooring. White oak [...]

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