• Top Flooring Trends Today

  • Floor Materials Myrtle BeachThe flooring industry has a diverse collection of flooring types to choose from, but recently carpets are getting softer, wood is a little roughed-up, while vinyl is becoming more expensive.

    Yes, you heard that right. “High-end vinyl” is not really in contrast in terms of luxury– it is the expression du jour among those who pay attention to the products that home buyers aspire to stroll on.

    However, there are other flooring choices which are gaining attention these days.

     Flooring Trends


    1. Carpets

    Today, carpets are becoming more eco-friendly and a couple of manufacturers are producing fiber mixes that take soft qualities to an entirely new level. According to flooring experts, today’s carpets are more environment-friendly. The manufacturing facilities are able to reuse nylon and make them into carpets. Other manufacturers use polyester that can be made into new fibers over and over again.

    In regards to carpet designs, the today’s favorite is a wide style called cut-and-loop. This is where the stack is partially cut and partially knotted to produce a toned appearance or pattern, says flooring professionals.

    2. Wood

    With the introduction of the “great area” principle that unifies the kitchen and the living room into one big space, it has become common to see woods on kitchen area floors. Since this ongoing trend emerged, most homeowners now prefer wood flooring in the expansive space.

    A preferred option to take with wood flooring is the laminate variety. Laminate wood is a slice of wood on a care that is made into another product. Experts say that this type of flooring produces architectural security, so you have less movement in the flooring and it is also more economical compared to solid wood.

    Another preference in woods is favoring darker spots, with an expanding passion in grey tones. Today’s homeowners are moving towards bigger slabs with unique patterns.

    Bamboo floor covering also made a huge entrance in the market some years back since it originates from a quickly renewable source. However, it was not long enough that manufacturers discovered some resistance in demand since some early variations had shrinkage problems.

    3. Luxury Vinyl

    The “deluxe” quality of vinyl might be a little a stretched, however, innovation has absolutely offered vinyl a makeover. The procedure of generating it starts by taking a picture of wood and then printing it right into the dramatically more economical plastic floor covering, normally through squares or slabs.

    4. Floor tile

    Ceramic floor tile preference is growing– actually. Floor tile in layouts bigger than the conventional 12-by-12 inches is expanding in appeal, though there is a lot of variants in local choices.

    There are also those electronic prints that you see on laminate countertops as well as vinyl floor tile– they are also doing that on ceramic floor tile, to ensure that homeowners may likewise see ceramic tiles that look like wood.

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