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  • flooring Myrtle BeachOne of the bright spots despite a sluggish economy is the green movement.  Sales in this area have continued to grow and the influence of this can be seen in our media including magazines and TV.  Everywhere you turn you see some form of environmentally, socially responsible message.  Myrtle Beach Home Services is no exception.

    Some businesses are actively promoting their eco friendly products.  We have posted articles on Organic Pest Control, Green Carpet Cleaning and Green Plumbing.  At times you may feel overwhelmed with the green message with options for hybrid cars; non-toxic detergents; fluorescent light bulbs and other products and services that save on electricity, water, heating and cooling, etc.

    Green Flooring

    Everyday new companies are coming out with their green message.  The flooring industry is no exception. New technologies, innovative new products, new ways of measuring a products impact on the environment and new laws are being developed almost every day. What you may not know is that the flooring industry has been a leader in the green movement.

    Some of these initiatives have been products with less chemicals, finding ways to collect and recycle flooring and turn them into new products, investing in new equipment that uses less energy and resources.  The flooring industry as a whole has a proven track record of leadership and success.  However, many people are unaware of how green affects flooring.  The Green Guide from Floor Covering News is a great resource to better understand how the flooring industry is addressing this important initiative.

    Flooring Myrtle Beach has several green friendly options for you to explore.  Keep an eye out on our blog for more posts about our environmentally friendly flooring options.

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