• Why Green Carpet Installation is The Best Choice

  • Carpet Installation Myrtle BeachIf you are currently planning to have your carpet replaced, you should definitely consider green carpet installation. Carpet is indeed one of the top choices of homeowners when it comes to flooring decisions. On the other hand, the carpet is not an environmentally friendly option. But you can make it environmentally friendly by choosing green carpet installation processes.

    How carpets affect the environment

    Carpets can release hundreds to thousands of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) into the air. A lot of these compounds are harmful not only to the environment but also to humans, putting their health at risk. The release of volatile organic compounds begins after the carpet installation process and may continue to do so for years after the installation. The primary reason for this is because all components of a carpet flooring including the backing and underlayment contain these harmful compounds.

    And if you use binders, bonding materials, adhesives, dye, fungicide, and the treatments and cleaning products, more volatile compounds are released into the air. Volatile organic compounds present in indoor air have been found to cause cancer, neurological disorders, and respiratory diseases. In addition to this, the use of carpets results to 2.5 million tons of waste every year. These include carpet backing and unused carpet, which can no longer be recycled or reused and, thus, only take up a lot of space in landfills.

    Fortunately, there are things that you can do to minimize the effects of continuous use of carpet to the environment. This thus allows you to use carpets freely without causing harm to the environment and putting you and your family’s at risk.

    Green carpet installation tips

    With these tips and recommendations for the installation of carpet, you should be able to continue using carpets for your flooring without worrying about harming the environment. Here are some tips that can help you install your carpet flooring guilt-free.

    Immediately layout newly purchased carpet.

    What this does is it allows the carpet to give off its new carpet smell along with the initial dose of volatile organic compounds. According to experts, the fresh scent of new carpet usually releases the largest amount of volatile compounds into the air. This is why it is highly recommended that homeowners do this as soon as they purchased the carpet, even if the installation is weeks away. In fact, the longer the carpet is laid out before the installation, the better. Because when it is installed, it won’t give off as many harmful compounds into the air.

    Avoid chemical based treatments.

    These primarily include stain resistant anti-static treatments. Aside from doing what they were manufactured for, these treatments also work to prompt the carpet into releasing a higher volume of organic compounds into the air.

    Ensure sufficient ventilation

    Sufficient ventilation is required during and after the installation. To help eliminate the volatile organic compounds released by your carpet, there should be sufficient ventilation in the room. You can ensure this by leaving doors and windows open for a longer time during the day and night, if possible. You can also consider placing an electric fan in the room to help in efficient air circulation.

    Implement regular and proper carpet maintenance.

    Aside from releasing potentially harmful compounds into the air, carpets can also accumulate dust and other debris, including allergens, if not cleaned regularly and maintained properly. This makes the carpet at high risk of causing asthma and allergy attacks to anyone in the household. To avoid this from happening, ensure your carpet is cleaned regularly.

    Work with a trained and experienced carpet installation professional to help you in replacing your flooring. Call Flooring Myrtle Beach now and inquire about their green installation services.

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