• Hardwood Floor Preparation Tips For The Holiday Season

  • hardwood floorsThe holidays are the perfect time for cheerful gatherings with family and friends. However, that also means there will be more foot traffic in your home. This season, protect your hardwood floors from the increase in traffic and activity, and take a couple of steps to make sure that your floors are gleaming so you can impress our guests. Provided below are a few tips you need to know.

    Regular Maintenance

    You need to make sure that your hardwood floors Myrtle Beach have an excellent base going into the holiday season. Sweep, dust, and mop it regularly leading up to your planned parties. This will help prevent small dust as well as debris particles from being dragged around, which will scrape and scratch your floors, then dull its shine.

    Get Rid Of Spills Quickly

    In case you have kids, pets, or if you are just prone to spilling, you have to wipe these spots and spills immediately when they happen. Getting rid of spots and spills right away will prevent long term problems and damage to your floors, and maintain its sparkling and uniform look for your holiday gatherings.

    Preserve Your Floor Using Rugs and Mats

    Map out the areas of your house that will have the most foot traffic. Be sure to do this before your guests arrive. These spots are usually located in the front foyer, the hallway, and kitchen. It is recommended that you place mats or rugs in a few of these areas for protection. Of course, use mat or rug pads underneath to prevent them from sliding around, which may cause scratches to your smooth hardwood floors.

    Protect Your Floor From Your Furniture

    Your furniture is another holiday pitfall for your hardwood floors. Since you will be having more guests, your visitors are sure to move your furniture around to provide more seats or to free some space for gifts and so on. There are ways to help you prevent scratching your floors even when furniture is being moved. Attach a felt pad floor protector on the furniture legs. It will protect your hardwood floor from scratches even as furniture glide on them.

    Protect Your Floor From Other Forms Of Danger

    Trimming the nails and claws of your pets and establishing a no shoes policy in your house, are the other safety measures you could take to protect your hardwood floors. The first tip is self explanatory. Let’s discuss the second one. Women love to wear heels and you will most likely have guests who are wearing one. Keep in mind that high heels especially stilettos are the enemies of hardwood floors. So you can either let them wear their shoes inside your house and damage your floors or ask them nicely to take their shoes off.

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