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  • Flooring Myrtle BeachUndisputedly, hardwoods are the most aesthetic flooring material. It comes with elegant natural pattern, exquisite color, plus it is very versatile. As it aged, it becomes more and more elegant, colors maturing into deep ochre depending on the color.

    If you are fancying your own hardwood floor, this page is a great place to begin. Here are some information about hardwood flooring supplier and the products they sell.

    The Flooring Depot 864 Kingswood Dr, Conway, SC 29526 and 5298 Main St #1, South Brunswick, NC 28470

    The Flooring Depot was there when the explosive demand for hardwood erupted 10 years ago. That is saying they have served countless of customers in the past. Jamie Pando, the proprietor of The Flooring Depot is a hardwood flooring specialist that have worked on their products personally.

    Browse on their site, you’ll be surprised at the information about hardwood flooring crammed at their site: hardwood flooring types and styles, hardwood species and their properties, and some tips on DIY flooring projects.

    Bamboo as hardwood flooring is relatively new, yet it has great market potential. It is durable as hardwood floors go and it is aesthetically pleasing, with colors that cannot be emulated thoroughly by other types of hardwood, with colors including deep brown to lively yellowish hue. And if it matters, choosing bamboo is environmentally sound, as bamboo groves have the ability to grow even a meter per day! It is easily a substitute for the endangered rain forest hardwoods.

    As bamboos are fast becoming a popular alternative for hardwoods, the hardwood flooring supplier Wood Flooring International is keeping up with the times with their feature product –the Bamtex Collection. The Bamtex Collection uses only the Mao bamboo specie for its color, structure, density and strength.

    Owing it to the vast bamboo plantations of China, hardwood flooring suppliers keep up with the demand of bamboo flooring. Offering superior quality at lower prices, Yanchi is China’s manufacturing modernization leader.

    Yanchi features the 10 Year Bamboo Flooring, a product package with a warranty holding 10 years! This bamboo product has 6 coats of satin finish, aluminum oxide urethane, strictly adhering to their worldwide standards that also carry a lifetime structural warranty aside from the finish warranty. Another product package is the 25 year Bamboo Flooring. Finished with 6 layers of scratch resistant Klumpp® UV cured aluminum oxide urethane in a semi-gloss, it carries an even longer warranty, a whopping 25 years!

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