• Hardwood Versus Carpet Flooring

  • flooring Myrtle BeachHardwood and carpet are two of the most popular options when it comes to floor surface covering. Each flooring Myrtle Beach option comes with their own unique characteristics that make them better in certain environments to match certain needs. Having a good understanding of the materials’ nature will help you make an informed decision when it comes to the best ways of using and applying them in different locations.

    Hardwood Flooring

    A lot of residential owners prefer hardwood floors over carpeting. It is considered as high end and luxurious due to its natural material since it is costlier than carpeting. Depending on the chosen wood type, and how the wood is finished, hardwood can create a sense of prestige and luxury when used in specific locations.

    Many people feel that it is very hard to clean a carpet because stains will be absorbed and tend to settle in the fabric permanently, and since micro bacteria and dust are getting trapped in the carpet easily. On the other hand, hardwood has a solid and smooth surface that can be wiped down easily. It does not let dirt or dust to hide which makes it a lot easier to maintain compared to carpets.

    The simple fact that carpets almost always attract and keep dust, as well as microorganisms, can likewise affect all those who are living or working in the space particularly if they are suffering from allergies. Each time you walk across the carpet, there are countless tiny particles that are released in the air. But with hardwood, all you need to do is sweep or wipe the surface and you will be free of all those harmful particles in a jiffy.

    Hardwood floors that are properly maintained can last for several years and some higher and top quality versions can even last for generations. On the other hand, carpets have to be changed every few years, which makes hardwood a more economical flooring option because your investment will pay off later on.

    Once hardwood floor is damaged, you can simply stain it or refinish it so it can look like almost brand new. You have to sand down the surface to get rid of any defects and then reapply the stain and or finish products so your floor will look completely rejuvenated. Based on the thickness of the floor material, you might even be able to do this process several times over the flooring’s lifespan.

    Hardwood flooring is also known for being versatile. If you want to have a softer look, you can always lay down a carpet to cover as much space as you want. The same can’t be said about carpeting.

    Hardwood flooring has been used in houses for centuries and despite the regular changes in trend and style, it has remained consistently popular. It can match any color and accessory and goes well with different decorative options.


    Carpets feel great and soft under bare feet, which is considered as one of its best appeals. This option is ideal in children’s rooms, bedrooms, and in areas in your home where you want to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

    Carpets are also warmer compared to hardwood floors, especially during colder seasons. It serves not just as a blanket for your feet but aids in insulating a room, making sure that the area is kept warm and does not slip through flooring materials that are more porous.

    Since carpets are soft and warm, it is considered an extremely comfortable flooring material. This can be a good option in areas where standing for a long period is common, where hardwood can cause pain or discomfort in the knees, ankles, and feet.

    Carpets are also more economical compared to hardwood flooring. Although you have to replace your carpets every few years, there are several affordable carpets in the market today.

    If you are concerned about safety then carpets should be on top of your list. With hardwood, a fall or trip can lead to broken objects or injuries. But with carpets, you will have a cushion, which makes damage from accidents much less likely. This is a good option for homes with elderly residents or small kids.

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