• Install a Ceramic Tile Floor Successfully

  • Ceramic Tile Myrtle BeachAre you thinking about to install or change a ceramic tile floor in your Myrtle Beach home? You have chosen a flooring product with a long list of virtues: it’s hardwearing, beautiful  and long lasting. However, tile can be a bit difficult to work with, though, so it pays to arm yourself with a little expert information on tile flooring setup prior to starting. Here are eleven ideas for success.

    Where to begin?

    Choose ceramic tile floor that is attractive yet practical. Obviously the floor covering comprises a huge portion of your home’s space (not to mention that quality tile is rather resilient), so it needs to be a color and pattern you enjoy and can live with into the near future. At the same time, you desire a style that does not easily show dirt or stains, particularly in a high traffic area. Medium-toned, earth-colored tile, decorated with swirls or speckles, works well.

    Determine the right quantity of tile for your requirements. Your Myrtle Beach flooring specialist can assist you with your selection. Take careful measurements of the surface area( s) to be covered carefully. Decide on your floor layout; the most convenient and economical will require a minimum of cutting and piecing.

    Purchase a few extra tiles. An excess of about 15 percent more tile than you’ve calculated that you require will allow for breakage, cutting, and future repairs. If your design is complicated, talk to your tile expert concerning how much to buy.

    Examine the condition of your existing floor. If it is clean, smooth, dry, and otherwise in satisfactory shape, you might wish to install the tile on top of it, as a money-saving step. On the other hand, old floor covering that is absolutely past its prime is best eliminated entirely. Think of doing this step yourself as a DIY job.

    Now is the best time to install underfloor heating, if desired, if that’s part of your home improvement strategy.  This adds a whole new dimension of comfort especially to a tile flooring installation in a restroom or bedroom.

    The tile installation

    It is best to install tile from the center of the room (the most noticeable part of your floor!) to the outward edges. This technique implies that if your contractor winds up having to cut tile to fit the edges, the pieces required will be the same size. Cut pieces, which are not so attractive, are also most likely to be hidden by furniture when they are placed around the boundary of your space.

    Space the tiles uniformly 1/32 to 1/4 inch apart, depending on both the type of tile and the prepared density of your grout lines. Placing plastic spacers will assist to simplify this lengthy job.

    Adhere tiles in place using a thinset mortar, applied with the aid of a notched trowel. Mix one little batch of mortar at a time, so that it can be consumed before it dries. As soon as all the whole tiles have been laid, enable the mortar to dry for a minimum of 24 hours before proceeding with the cut tiles along the boundary.

    Complete your tile floor

    Next apply grout sparingly to the joints in between the tiles, with a trowel that is rubber. Grout is simpler to utilize if you let it set roughly 10 minutes after blending unlike mortar.  Rub out excess with a sponge.

    Wait an additional 24-72 hours, according to the maker’s instructions, to “cure” the grout. Then utilize a plastic scrubbing sponge and cold water to search off any grout haze that remains on the tile.

    When you are satisfied with the appearance of your new flooring, apply a sealant (preferably slip-resistant for fall prevention) to secure the tiling and the grout against mold, moisture, mildew, dirt and discolorations. Utilize a sponge or a paint roller for an even covering, then enthusiast with a soft clean rag. Let dry completely prior to walking on, or moving furnishings onto, your brand name new tile floor.

    The best advice to installing a new tile floor is to call a tile flooring specialist. Make an appointment to discuss your flooring needs.

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