• Is Faux Wood Tile The Next Hot Trend?

  • tile Myrtle BeachWood and tile Myrtle Beach are popular choices when it comes to flooring options. Some homeowners prefer the natural beauty of wood while others prefer tiles. There are also those who ask the question, is there an option that combines the features of both wood and tile. The answer is yes – faux wood tile.

    Flooring Installation Basics: What Is Faux Wood Tile?

    Faux wood tile is a porcelain or ceramic tile Myrtle Beach that looks like real wood. You might be among the many people who question the quality of this kind of flooring. But once you see it, you will have a hard time distinguishing if the floor is made real wood or it is faux.

    1. Durability

    Hardwood flooring has a timeless yet fleeting beauty. Everyone knows that hardwood floors can easily get scratched from foot traffic and even from the furniture. However, faux wood tile is much more scratch resistant. Installing wood tile in areas that receive high foot traffic will make you worry less about chips and scratches, which are common in real wood floors. Because of this, you will get to enjoy the amazing beauty of your floors for a very long time.

    1. Resistance To Water

    The majority of homeowners love to have a touch of warmth in certain areas of their homes like the kitchen and bathrooms. Many people ask whether wood is an appropriate material in areas that are prone to moisture. However, water and wood don’t work well together. Because of that, it is a good idea to use faux wood tile on these parts of the house because tiles have high resistance to water and moisture. So, if you want to make a wooden kitchen or bathroom, think of installing a faux wood tile instead of hardwood floors.

    1. Maintenance Requirements

    Hardwood floors require finishing, resealing, as well as restaining regularly. Meanwhile, faux wood tile requires little to almost no maintenance. Because faux wood tile is porcelain or ceramic tile, you just have to care for it using some basic tile cleaners.

    1. Susceptibility To Termites

    Hardwood floors are also susceptible to termite attack. Once your floors start to have issues with termites, the only way for you to repair it is to tear it all apart and install new flooring, which is a project that costs a lot. So, if your house already has problems with termite or has a termite history, take this as a warning. Go with faux wood tile instead if you are thinking of installing new floors. Doing so will help you avoid potential costs or pest problems.

    1. Design Possibilities

    Faux wood tile is available in different textures and colors, which provides homeowners with unlimited design options. Thanks to the new inkjet technology, you can use finishes that you cannot find in the wood flooring market today. For example, people love the appearance of reclaimed wood. But since reclaimed wood is increasing in popularity, finding the perfect piece is not easy. Even if you manage to find one, you can expect the price to be quite costly.

    1. Affordability

    Faux wood tile has lots of advantages but that does not mean it is expensive. The price of a faux wood tile per square foot is just a mere fraction of the price you have to pay for installing real hardwood floors. Also, since it does not need any special maintenance routine, such as refinishing, you will get to cut costs in down the road.

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