• Kitchen Tile Floor Installation

  • Tile Flooring Myrtle BeachMany homeowners consider tile for their kitchen flooring installation. According to experts, tiles are the best choice for kitchen flooring because their easy maintenance and high durability. Although you can still opt to use hardwood – for those who want to achieve a high-end look for their kitchen – and vinyl for budget savvy homeowners, tiles are the best flooring solution or most homeowners especially those who do not want to spend most of their time cleaning their kitchen floor or wiping up after people who come in their kitchen.

    What Homeowners Like About Tile for Kitchen Floors

    Aside from requiring little maintenance, tiles are also very easy to clean. Food spills can simply be wiped off by a dish towel, rag, or mop. It is highly resistant to stains and when there is debris accumulation on the grout, all you have to do is brush it away using soap and water.

    Another great thing about tiles is that it comes in a wide range of styles, designs and textures. Myrtle Beach homeowners have unlimited choices on the type of kitchen tile flooring they want. It is indeed the best flooring choice to match whatever theme or style you have on your kitchen.

    Considering this, however, it is important that you spend sufficient time in choosing which tiles you want. You will need lots of time to decide on the design, style, color, size, shape and texture of the tiles that you will need for your kitchen flooring installation.

    Types of Kitchen Tiles

    Natural stone tiles – This is a very popular choice among homeowners who are looking for a sense of magnificence and elegance to their kitchens. You can choose from different types of natural stone tiles such as classic marble and travertine tiles, which is best for sleek and contemporary kitchens. There are also natural tiles with warmer tones for beach style or rugged style kitchens.

    Aside from the design of the tiles, you also have the option to choose a different finish – matte or high gloss – to effectively bring together the theme and look that you want for your kitchen. Some other natural stone tiles have interesting and colorful details which you can combine with light or plain tiles to give the effect of having a floor area rug.

    Brick tiles – This type of tiles is most common for rustic farmhouse kitchens. Using brick tiles will help you bring together a comfortable and welcoming kitchen for you, your family and guests. What is great about this type of tile flooring is that it can withstand daily wear and tear.

    When using these tiles, you do not have to worry if the shades, tones or design of your tiles do not match. In fact, most experts would agree that it would look best when they are not a perfect match, seeing that the slight variation in design only highlights the rustic look that you want for your kitchen. Plus, it effectively adds texture and dimension to your flooring, especially if you use different shapes of brick tiles.

    Contemporary block tiles – If you are after a contemporary look for your kitchen, this type of tiles is what you need. These are often made from ceramic or a combination of granite and cement. Simple solid colors of tiles work best to highlight or compliment your sleek and contemporary kitchen tools and appliances.

    For a glamorous effect, choose a high gloss finish for your contemporary block tiles. On the other hand, if you want to soften the hardness and coldness of your kitchen appliances, choose contemporary block tiles with matte finish for your kitchen flooring installation. If you want your flooring to be the focus of your kitchen, there are unusual solid colors for contemporary block tiles that you can use such as high gloss black or electric blue.

    Patterned cement tiles – For the quirky, creative and artistic homeowner, patterned cement tiles are the best flooring for your kitchen. Cement tiles, which are also called encaustic tiles, come in a wide variety of colors, patterns and designs. If you will be using this tile for your kitchen flooring, be sure to spend lots of time deciding which design or pattern to choose.

    Also, when you choose this type of tile flooring, it is highly recommended that you keep other areas of your kitchen simple and less decorative. You already have lots of decorations and colors just by looking at the flooring. You can choose a single design or mix and match a couple of patterns to create one huge design for your kitchen floor. Most homeowners who choose this tile have sleek stainless steel kitchen appliances or classic fitted kitchen equipment.

    If you are still having difficulties choosing the best flooring for your kitchen, speak with a Myrtle Beach flooring installation professional such as Flooring Myrtle Beach. Call them now.

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