• Choosing Between Laminates And Hardwood Flooring

  • hardwood floorsDetermining the right kind of flooring is one of the many important decisions that a homeowner has to make. The floors are a big part of any housing project. Regardless if it’s building a new home or renovating an existing one, flooring always remains essential. You also need to consider a bunch of other things like the look of the room, how the floor will look like, what the kind of floor would be, and how much everything would cost. Normally, hardwood floors come with a heftier price tag than laminates. However, that does not discount the benefits that come along with choosing laminate flooring.

    Among the most common flooring materials that you could find in the market are laminate and hardwood. These two are normally found in homes, offices, building, and just about any place that would need some sort of flooring. There are pros and cons to both but there is no definite winner as both of them are good materials. It all boils down to preference and a bunch of other factors.

    The pros and cons of laminate and hardwood

    Price – let’s begin with the most intriguing question. How much do they cost? In general, hardwood floors are more expensive. If you have deep pockets, hardwood flooring Myrtle Beach won’t be an issue. However, if you’re trying to cover your floors with a good material while sticking within your budget, you should go the laminate route. The determining factor is basically your budget. Both are good materials, but laminate doesn’t take much of a toll on your budget than hardwood flooring would.

    Durability – for people who are wondering which is the better option, the answer none. Not that neither of them is good, but they are equally durable and can last you a good 20 year with little to no deterioration, but this is with the right conditions. With proper care and maintenance, both types of materials could last as long as your home. If you want to make sure you’re buying a durable flooring material, you could always contact experts like Flooring Myrtle Beach for more info.

    Ease of repair – as for making repairs, laminate flooring is much harder to repair than hardwood flooring. Since some types of laminate flooring are glued down, they can’t be removed easily. Or at least not individually without damaging the other pieces. Also, the amount of discoloration due to sunlight exposure makes it difficult to match the colors with newer planks or tiles. On the other hand, wooden flooring can be sanded down and refinished for a more uniform look.

    Actual lifespan – if you’re looking for a type of material that will last longer than you could walk on this earth, hardwood flooring is for you. It could last anywhere from 40-80 years and even more without deteriorating. However, laminate flooring only lasts just above 20 years.

    Eco-friendliness – since hardwood floors are 100% organic, they are your best bet. Since they can last anywhere from 40-80 years, trees have enough time to regrow. Laminate flooring, on the other hand, has also become greener over the past few years since the industry steered towards that path.

    Landing a decision is mostly preferential. It’s purely subjective and of course, financially driven. If you have the money to spend, you should invest it in hardwood flooring. If you’re running a rather tight budget, laminate flooring is for you.

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