• The Basics of Professional Tile Installation for DIY Homeowners

  • Professional Tile Installation Myrtle BeachMany homeowners in Myrtle Beach are considering replacing their flooring with tile floors. There are many benefits to using tile as your flooring including, easy maintenance and cleaning as well as quick installation process. It is recommended that you hire trained and experienced flooring professionals, such as Flooring Myrtle Beach, for the installation process. On the other hand, if you want to do it on your own, you can do so especially if you have the necessary tools and previous experience.

    Things to remember when installing tile floors

    1. Measure the flooring

    This is important for you to know how many tiles you will need for your floor. Be sure you get the exact measurements as this is what you will use to calculate the number of square feet needed for the installation. This will be easy enough for square or rectangular rooms. For irregularly shaped rooms, however, you could divide the room into squares and rectangles, find the square footage of each section and add them together.

    1. Purchase tiles

    According to Flooring Myrtle Beach, a professional tile installation service, it is recommended that you do this after you get the exact measurements of the flooring you will be working on. This will help you buy only what you need and prevent you from spending too much. There is a wide variety of tiles available in the market, from sizes and shapes to colors and designs. You will probably have to spend more time in choosing tile than in the installation process.

    When choosing floor tiles, do not focus on the design and pattern and instead focus more on its durability and safety. Choose tiles that have a rough and textured finish if you are placing it in a high traffic area of your house. Smooth and glassy finishes can be slippery when wet and may cause tripping and other related accidents. Use large tiles for large rooms and small tiles for smaller rooms. Also, be sure to buy a few extra pieces of tile in case some would break during the installation process. Plus, this ensures you already have the same tile on hand if you need to replace a couple ones due to damage in the future.

    1. Prepare the surface

    The flooring needs to be clean and free from any residue before you install the tile. Also, it needs to be level and flat, thus, you will have to fill any gaps or low spots with concrete patching compound. Another important thing you need to remember is that tile can only be installed on cement or concrete. If you are installing it on a wood framing, you will need to cover the subfloor with cement backer board first.

    1. Laying out tile floor

    Professional tile installation guide suggests that the easiest way to do this is to plan for the layout first. Look at your bare floor and consider the best way to install the tiles to maximize its size, style, and pattern. Do not forget to consider how you will cut the tile as you plan the layout. It is best if your layout does not include a lot of cutting so as to avoid wasting tiles. You can use chalk to mark the walls and flooring and serve as your guide for laying out the tiles.

    When laying out the tiles, you will need to mix mortar that will serve as the adhesive. Be sure to strictly follow the instructions for mixing the mortar. Also, it is highly recommended that you mix small amounts of mortar at a time because it dries and sets quickly.

    Spread a thin layer of mortar mix on the subfloor and carefully place the tile following the guide that you made with the chalk. Press the tile into place. You can use plastic spacers to keep the joints and gaps between the tiles uniform and in place. Make sure the tiles are level and aligned.

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