• How To Protect Your Hardwood Floor From Your Christmas Tree

  • hardwood floorsIt happens all the time – after holiday celebration, we remove our Christmas trees, and we end up having a hardwood floor that looks battered. There are even instances when the hardwood floor looks so bad that it requires sanding and hardwood floor refinishing. In some cases, the carpet needs to be changed.

    So, what causes all of these things? Obviously, the main culprit is the water that reaches the floor everything you water your Christmas tree. Sometimes, you will notice water spots or sap marks while in some cases the flooring is cupped, stained, or separated, and requires replacement. Another problem with Christmas trees is that the pine needles are dropped on the floors, which can cause scratches. These scratches are often caused when you sweep the floor or whenever your pets or kids play inside your house.

    Fortunately, there are certain precautions you can take to protect your hardwood flooring. You don’t have to worry about refinishing or replacing your hardwood floors.

    Provided below are some solutions that can help you protect your carpets and hardwood floors. Always remember that prevention is the key.

    You have to be cautious when it comes to protecting your wood floors while you bring a new tree inside your home. You also need to be careful even if the tree is just sitting in your living room and when you take it down after Christmas.

    Clean and Prepare Your Floors

    The first thing you need to do is to clean your hardwood floors using a microfiber mop or a hardwood vacuum. Keep in mind that a different vacuum must be used for hardwood floors and for carpets. Don’t use a broom because it can ruin your floor especially when sweeping pine needles.

    Prepare A Barrier

    Even before you bring your Christmas tree inside your house, you need to set up the stand and protect your hardwood floors. This will help in preventing water and pine needles from getting to your Myrtle Beach hardwood floors and causing damage to the finish.

    You can use a plastic rectangular drain tray that are usually placed under washing machines. These will collect the water that drains from the stand and prevent it from overflowing or penetrating your floors. Place the tree stand in the middle of the tray and then put the tree skirt or mat on top of that. This will help hide the tray and provide you with another level of protection.

    The Christmas tree stand mat is a wonderful solution as it is made to protect your hardwood floors from soaking, leaking, and spilled water and stains, and pine needles that could scratch your hardwood floor. It is a reversible and attractive red and green mat. It can be utilized for both artificial and real trees. The stand mat is sturdy and can be easily stored so you can use it every year.

    Never use a towel or other similar absorbent material like an area rug because these can absorb and retain water, which can damage your hardwood flooring. A lot of homeowners have come to understand this the hard way. Trapped moisture or water can cause swelling in your hardwood floors and cause them to turn black.

    You need to make sure that all of these have been set up before you bring your Christmas tree inside your house.

    Bring In The Christmas Tree

    Before you bring your tree inside your home, don’t forget to put some kind of sheets on your Myrtle Beach hardwood floors from the doorway and to the stand as protection. You should also collect all the pines needles that might fall along the way. It is also not recommended to use black plastic bags because this will increase your risks of slipping when you are moving the tree.

    Before you bring the tree in through your door, be sure to shake off any loose pine needles so they fall outside your home rather than inside, which can scratch your floors. After that, cover as many branches as you can on the tree using a large garbage bag. This will not only protect your tree but also your walls and floors. It will lower the number pine needles that might fall on the floor. Never drag the tree even if you place an area rug under it. Keep in mind that the tree is heavy and can easily scrape your hardwood floor.

    Maintaining The Tree

    Vacuum and use a microfiber mop to remove any pine needles on the floor. Always remember that these needles can scratch your floor especially when they stick to your shoes, slippers, and etc. Do this every day if you wish to keep your floors protected. You should also keep your Christmas tree hydrated because this can help prevent too much needle loss.

    Taking Down and Cleaning  The Tree

    Don’t forget to place sheets from the stand to the door, just like what you did before taking the tree inside your house. Place a plastic bag round the tree if you can to keep pine needles from falling. Drain the water out of the stand. Immediately clean the water that might spill as you do this. Clean up the area using a microfiber mop or a hardwood floor.

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