• Things To Consider When Purchasing Tile Flooring

  • Tile Flooring Myrtle BeachTiles look wonderful on walls, but they’re especially a great tile flooring material as they can stand up to wear and tear. When shopping for tiles, it’s important to understand the distinctions between all of the options available and to consider the differences between all tile types.

    First and foremost, you need to understand that tiles are all placed into classes 1 to 5 that help classify the durability of the surfaces. This PEI scale uses a 1 for the least durable tile and a 5 for a heavy duty tile that can stand up to the toughest households. Class 1 tiles are always intended for decorative purposes and for light residential use, Class 2 or 3 tiles are ideal. For heavy foot traffic, homeowners need to go above Class 3 tiles for optimal durability.

    The above classification rules are not applied to natural stone tiles. Since stone is not a man-made product, it doesn’t need to be classified based on durability.

    Choosing The Right Flooring Tile Size

    It’s important to understand that tiles come in all sizes great and small. The smallest tiles are mosaics meant for decorating showers or backsplashes. Modern homeowners especially appreciate the aesthetics that large tile panels carry since they’re not only trendy, but require very little grout to hold them in place. When considering the size of the tiles you’re looking to use, in terms of appeal, you should be able to fit at least three rows next to each other.

    Color Rules To Consider

    Of course, it’s entirely your choice what type of tile flooring you’ll install, but there are a few rules pertaining to color that you may wish to take into consideration.

    • To make a room appear larger, choose light colored tile, but if you’re looking to add coziness to your space, opt for darker colors.
    • Neutral colors are best if you hope to take focus off of your flooring and change your accessories often.
    • Blended tiles with natural variations are great for masking imperfect places.

    You can add personality and character to a room by choosing vibrant tiles for flooring.

    Selecting A Texture

    Smooth and shiny textured tiles can become dangerous as they’re slippery when wet. In high traffic areas like the bathroom and kitchen, opting for matte or textured tiles can help prevent accidents. With that being said, polished marble and porcelain tiles remain popular in homes where the aesthetic is more important than the need for slip resistance.

    Choosing Your Style

    In this day and age, tiles are no longer the boring white porcelain our grandparents were used to. Tiles can mimic wood or natural stone while still being man-made. Wood-like tiles are perfect for a traditional modern look in high traffic areas. For a timeless look, homeowners often choose tumbled marble or even imitation stone.

    Selecting the right flooring tile for your home does require a bit of time and research. By knowing which size, shape, and texture is right for your home, you can install a tile flooring you’ll be proud of for years to come.

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