• Making The Right Decision: Choosing The Best Flooring

  • flooring installationBack in the day, the type of flooring material just narrowed down to a handful of options. You won’t get too much of a headache on which one you’re going to invest your money on since there isn’t that much to choose from at all. However, nowadays, the options have grown significantly. From hardwood flooring to engineered wood to all sorts of ceramic tile designs, the options are staggering. The process of flooring installation has also changed depending on the type of material you choose. But what is the best type of flooring material for your home? How do you determine what is the most ideal floor for your house? These are just a few of the questions that you need to ask if you’re only starting to think about a type of flooring material for your home.

    What should I do before choosing a flooring material?

    Before you settle on a type of flooring material, think of a few things. Consider your budget, the durability of the flooring material, the difficulty of the installation, and how often you need to maintain your floor. All of these factors need to be addressed to end up with the most viable flooring material. Of course, you do need to consider your budget. Some hardwoods are too expensive but there are synthetic counterparts that are less expensive yet still considerably durable. There are also types that are easy and hard to maintain. If you want to have your flooring installed and forget about it for the next decade, there’s an option too.

    Ceramic tiles, for instance, require little maintenance. Cleanup is easy and there is no special cleaning regimen needed to keep them clean. However, this type of flooring material is best suited for areas like the kitchen where there is a lot of traffic. Repairing ceramic tile is also inexpensive, but may vary depending on the brand. Since they come in tiles, you could replace just the pieces that are damaged without having to remove the neighboring tiles. And since ceramic tiles are waterproof, they are perfect for your kitchen and bathroom.

    Of course, hardwood flooring Myrtle Beach never gets crossed off the list. Hardwood lasts a lifetime with proper care. They can even outlast engineered wood by a long shot. However, hardwood floors will incur scratches and stains throughout its lifetime. The good thing about hardwood floors is that you only need to sand them down and top it off with a new coat of varnish.

    On the other hand, if you want to go with a more modern approach, engineered flooring is for you. Engineered or composite wood comes in various designs. They are manufactured through binding different strands of wood fibers and veneers. The result is a durable and consistent pattern. If you have a relatively large space and want consistency with your flooring pattern, composite wood is the best route. You can choose from a variety and they are reasonably priced as well. However, installation is not the same as that of hardwood flooring. You should always consult experts for the installation of these flooring materials. Professionals like Flooring Myrtle Beach are experts at installing different types of flooring materials.

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