• Hardwood flooring Myrtle BeachIn Myrtle Beach, hardwood floors have become very popular.  They give your home a warm inviting feel and can be used with almost any décor.  However, if you are not careful with the maintenance of your hardwood floor, you can cause damage and the need to resurface your floor.

    Helpful Hints For Maintaining Hardwood Floors

    • You should sweep your floors on a regular basis with a fine bristle, soft broom.  A great alternative to a broom is a Swifter sweeper with a dry cloth attachment.
    • Vacuum your hardwood floors at least once per week to remove dirt and sand that is tracked into your home.  Make sure that you are using a soft brush attachment to cut down on the possibility of scratching.
    • If you have a spill on the floor, make sure that you remove the liquid immediately.  Water and other liquids are the number one enemy of hardwood floors.  Be sure to use soft towels or if it is a large spill, you can use a wet/dry vacuum but make sure that you follow-up with soft towels.
    • If you need to mop clean your hardwood floors, you will want to use a dry damp mop.  Be careful not to let water seep into the seams as this will ruin a hardwood floor.
    • If you have high traffic areas such hallways or entrances that have hardwood flooring, you may want to consider installing a carpet runner with a non-skid pad.  This will help to cut down on scratching the floor.
    • If you decide to use area rugs and carpet runners in specific areas, make sure that you vacuum them often to prevent the dirt from filtering down through the weave of the rug and scratching the hardwood floors surface under the run.
    • Avoid wearing heavy shoes or high heels on your hardwood floors.  In the east, it is a tradition to leave your shoes at the door and provide comfortable slippers for your guests.  We suggest that you implement this tradition in your home.  Not only will it help to preserve your floors but it will also make your guests feel comfortable.
    • Make sure that you have a floor mat at all entrances.  Encourage family and friends to wipe their feet thoroughly before entering your home if you are not following out the tip about the slippers.
    • If you need to move furniture, make sure that you clean the hardwood floor first to remove any grit or dirt that may be on the floor.  Then use furniture pads that slide under the furniture to aid in gliding it across the floor.
    • Read any manufacturer recommendations with regards to treatment when you have your floors installed.  They will instruct you on what types of detergents can be used on the flooring, best practices for maintenance and upkeep.  These instructions will be different depending on the type of wood and finish, don’t many any assumptions that you know what you need to do.
    • Always use pads under heavy furniture such as sofas and recliners. Put a pad under the feet of dressers and bed posts.
    • It is recommended that you hire a professional to wax and buff your hardwood floors.  If you decide to do this task yourself, be sure and read the manufacturers recommendation first.

    General Tips for Hardwood Floors

    • Use area rugs and carpet runners in high traffic areas.  Make sure these are slip resistant especially if you have small children or older adults in your home.
    • Remove spills promptly with a soft cloth.  Water drops will harm the floor and leave a spot if left for a period of time.
    • Ask your flooring specialists for specific care instructions for your hardwood floors.

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